JMD Events
JMD Events


During the day there will be two blocks of seminars and delegates may choose one seminar from each block.


Morning Seminar Titles

  • Home Birth is our Business
  • Medicines management: lack of charisma and a supervisory make-over
  • Freebirthing and Supervision: never the twain shall meet?
  • Offering choice but on whose terms?
  • Contact for Success
  • The Journey: Technology enhanced antenatal education for the 21st Century Parent
  • HEY! Look how we listen to women and teach practitioners about what they say
  • Bridging the void: with supervision
  • Over the Rainbow: Leading the way in Wales
  • LSA Datanase Enhancement: Activity sheet for SoM


Afternoon Seminar Titles

  • Supervisors of Midwives - a beacon of hope in a stormy sea!!
  • Putting the courage back into conviction
  • Born to Safe Hands
  • Standing Tall - Supervisors supporting the Clinical Governance Framework in practice
  • Full-time supervisor of midwives: Is this the future or supervision?
  • From Practice - to film - and back to practice
  • A journey with supervision seen through the eyes of a midwife
  • Back from the brink with a morale boosting project - record keeping champions
  • CTG Interpretation - Room for Improvement
  • The GS factor: Improving the annual supervisory review



AM1 Home Birth is our Business: Marian Bailey and Linda Hicken
A partnership between the University and Clinical Practice; Supervisors of Midwives empowering Community Midwives to explore and learn from complex scenarios in a home setting.
AM1 Bailey and Hicken.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [10.8 MB]
AM2 Medicines Management: Lack of charisma and a supervisory make-over: Shelley Bennett
Medicines management has been neglected in favour of promoting normality and choice, contributing to national confusion. Does this lead to greater intervention and reduce alternatives?
AM2 Medicines Management.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.1 MB]
AM3 Freebirthing and Supervision: Never the twain shall meet? Kate Brintworth and Clare Capito
Freebirthing is a complex and sensitive issue for all involved. This seminar discusses legal matters, common myths and care approaches to support supervisors to feel confident supporting others.
AM3 Freebirthing and Supervision; Never [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [582.6 KB]
AM4 Offering choice but on whose terms? Caroline Broome
As women become increasingly aware of the choice agenda, Supervisors of Midwives are tasked with guiding women and midwives through options for place of birth.
AM4 Statutory Supervision.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [17.8 MB]
AM5 Contact for success: Philippa Cox and London LSA contact SoM Team
Contact for Success is a bespoke leadership programme for the London contact Supervisors of Midwives. This seminar outlines the programme and the five projects that came out of it.
AM5 Contact_for_success_presentationsLSA[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.7 MB]
The Journey: Technology enhanced antenatal education for the 21st century parent: Caroline Dodds and Edel Ewart
This seminar aims to demonstrate how midwifery supervision in collaboration with community midwives created "The Journey" to change, modernise and unify antenatal education across East Kent Hospitals.
AM6 The Journey .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [647.7 KB]
AM7 HEY! Look how we listen to women and teach practitioners about what they say: Julie Flint
This seminar will inspire Supervisors to think differently, creatively engage with users, celebrate success and be entrepreneurial in their approach to improving maternity services.
AM7 Flint HEY! Look how we listen to wom[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.3 MB]
AM8 Bridging the void: with Supervision: Colette Gregory
This seminar examined collaboration between supervision, education and clinical practice. It considers how we engage student midwives with the supportive mechanism of supervision from the beginning
AM8 Bridging the void with Supervision.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [798.4 KB]
AM9 Over the Rainbow: Julie York
Leading the way in Wales. Follow the yellow brick road to a new model of midwifery supervision.
Join us on our journey and see what's changing in the direction we are heading and our final destinatio
AM9 Over the Rainboy.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [862.5 KB]
AM10 LSA Database Enhancement: Activity Sheet for SoM: Manjit Roseghini and Lawrence Impy
The LSA Database (LSAdb) is the primary tool for midwife supervision in the UK. This seminar aimed to familiarise supervisors with the Activity Sheet and SoM PREP facilities.
AM10 LSA Database Enhancement.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [645.1 KB]
PM1 Supervisors of Midwives a Beacon of Hope in a Stormy Sea: Dawn Meredith
A presentation which incorporates Sir Ben Ainsley's USA Oracle Team win, good examples of leadership and the importance of team working.
PM1 SoMs a Beacon of Hope in a Stormy Se[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [2.3 MB]
PM2 Putting the courage back into conviction: Kathy Murphy and Lesley Choucri
Set against a backdrop of large scale reconfiguration of services, transformational change and repeated poor/average results from staff and patient surveys, the Supervisors of Midwives are evolving a
PM2 Putting the courage back into convic[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [5.8 MB]
PM4 Standing Tall
The concept of 'Supervisor of the Week' was developed as a way of improving the safety of women and their babies through the involvement of supervisors more actively in the clinical governance agenda.
PM4 Standing Tall.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [6.6 MB]
PM5 Full-time SoM: is this the future for supervision?: Bernadette Nipper and Manjit Roseghini
PM5 This seminar provided an insight into the role of a full-time SoM at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (BHRUT).
PM5 Full time SoM role.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1'006.0 KB]
PM6 From Practice - to film - and back to practice: to follow
This seminar aims to share an experience that was generated from practice - showing a need for learning surrounding maternal collapse. A multi-professional team worked together to generate a film th
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PM8 Back from the Brink: Deborah Trollope, Kate Rudd
We were a supervision team depleted in numbers, our midwives were working under difficult conditions and we needed a game plan to raise the profile of supervision and midwives morale.
PM8 Trollope Record Keeping Champion upd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [44.9 MB]
PM9 CTG Interpretation - Room for Improvement?: Ulrika Hunting, Sara Terry
This presentation shares the journey and experiences of how a competency assessment for CTG interpretation was introduced at University Hospitals of Leiceter.
PM9 Introducing an Assessment for CTG In[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [5.0 MB]
PM10 The GS Factor: Improving the annual supervisory review: Julie Hurford
How to make it effective efficient and enjoyable for midwives and supervisors.
PM10 - Julie Hurford.pdf
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